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"we are just on the cutting edge of what can be known about our brain's capacity for change"

-- Michael Mrazek, director of research, Center for Mindfulness & Human Potential, U.C.S.B


The Six Week is an intensive lifestyle change program focused on exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, compassion and relationships. 



We invite you to be part of The Six Week, a group journey into the possibilities of neuroplasticity through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness practices. Whip your mind, body and soul into shape with this "boot camp" type of program.  

We know it will be very challenging, but we have assembled great resources and put structures into place to guide and support your success on this journey. As part of the structures for success, there will be daily reminders, weekly group calls, buddies and office hours for weekly check-ins with our Six Week support coaches. 

Commitments for participants:

  • An exercise routine of 50 minutes of working out 5x per week
  • Eating a diet of whole foods and restrict non-produce carbs to after exercise
  • Limiting alcohol to one drink maximum per day, preferably none
  • Sleeping 7-8 hours per night on a regular sleep schedule
  • Daily meditation practice  (minimum 30 minutes per day)
  • Daily reflective journaling
  • Daily gratitude practice
  • Taking on procrastinated project(s)
  • Daily random act of kindness
  • Weekly group Zoom calls on Wednesdays starting October 12th.  Current time is 7-8pm PST (calls recorded if needed)

Check our FAQ page for more...

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