Life by Design

What if you could create your ideal life and take the actions necessary to live it? In The Six Week, you begin by designing your ideal lifestyle and then step into living it for six intensive weeks. This innovative program provides one-on-one coaching, team meetings, and a unique buddy support system, all designed to keep you in action and living your game plan.  

At the end of six weeks, you will have freed up capacity in your life, visualized your dreams, and experienced new levels of health and vitality. 

The Six Week is a deep immersion program in which you will be

  • exercising 5 days per week,
  • completing procrastinated projects and
  • shaking up your habits in a unique team environment.

If you’re ready to create a life by design, The Six Week will provide you with the opportunity to go deep and genuinely create a life that's fulfilling. 

The Six Week is about getting into action and living your life, by design. 

Course Components


Create a better awareness of your diet, fitness, finances, and ambitions.

Journal and explore your own thoughts and emotions on topics such as spirituality, relationships and new skills you’ve always wanted to learn.


Find clarity to open space and create new possibilities.

Clear out the cobwebs of clutter in your home and complete procrastinated projects. Reach out to friends and loved-ones and have conversations that explore and deepen your relationships.


Construct an inspiring vision for the life you want to lead.

Write vision statements and set financial, health and relationship goals. Step into a powerful new vision for yourself.

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"Participants who complete the course will discover and access their deep ambitions and dreams."


"The Six Week helped me discover and clarify how I can take different areas of my life, like my career, to a new level. It's been great in helping me design a balance between my work and personal life."

-Alexis Shepperd, Ph.D., Life Coach

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Unleash Your Potential

The Six Week enables participants to unleash their potential and design a powerful life.

You will have the opportunity to enter a new era of power in your life. In The Six Week, you will focus on breakthroughs and all the domains of your life, including; body, money, career, integrity, spirituality, education, relationship and play.

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