Areas of Focus



Physical fitness is a key area that relates to your health, well-being, emotional state, energy levels, and more. During The Six Week you will have the opportunity to refocus your commitment to being physically active and see results span across multiple areas of your life. 


"You are what you eat". During The Six Week, you will develop and stick to a clear nutrition plan, getting feedback along the way, to help you feel, look, and perform better and more efficiently. 



Through a process of mindfulness meditation, journaling, and reflecting, The Six Week will provide the framework for you to discover more about yourself and the world around you. You may discover hidden talents, unlock dreams, or identify unhelpful habits - things to help you make real and lasting change in your life.  

social support

The Six Week will focus on providing the infrastructure to help guide you along this journey in a helpful and healthy way. A combination of group coaching, individual coaching, reporting, and buddy system, will create a social support network to maximize your Six Week experience. 



Hold yourself and your buddy to a high standard of commitment to your goals.

Nutrition - Eat a meal plan of whole foods and restrict non-produce carbs to after exercise. Limit alcoholic intake to 1 drink max. per day, 5 max per week. (Best results if alcohol is completely avoided throughout the entire program)

Sleep - Develop a regular sleep schedule that includes 7-8 hours of restful sleep per night.

Fitness - Complete 50 minutes of exercise, 5x per week. It is critical to The Six Week program that you really push yourself here. The results are research and evidence based, but they require you to fully engage. 

Mindfulness - Set aside 30 minutes or more per day for meditation and daily reflective journaling practices.

Intellect - Challenge the Mind, Body, and Soul through participating and engaging in all reading, discussion and concept work. 

Procrastinated Projects - Identify, plan and complete one or more procrastinated projects to help clear "space" in your life.

Random Acts of Kindness - Create a daily habit of performing acts of kindness. Whether the thought of giving to others comes naturally to you or not, this practice will produce encouraging (and maybe even surprising) results.

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structures & Support


There will be a series of assessments at the beginning and end of each Six Week. These assessments are scientifically based and will enable the best possible data collection for your personal use. Additionally, these results (gathered anonymously) will assist in furthering research that investigates adult brain plasticity. 

This testing will assess data as it relates to physical fitness, health, flexibility, balance, body awareness, working memory, reading comprehension, mindful attention, mind wandering, mood, life satisfaction, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and compassion, with the goal for participants to improve in all of the tested areas. 

“Although the improvements in cognition and well-being resulting from the present intervention are broad and substantial, they likely represent only a modest preview of what will ultimately be achieved through future interventions that draw on continual advances in science and technology.  The true limits of cognitive, affective and neural plasticity remain a mostly unexplored frontier of scientific understanding.” Pushing the Limits, Frontiers.


Daily logs of sleep, alcohol consumption, workouts completed and random acts of kindness will be kept and shared with your coach, buddy, and/or with the group. Weekend food logs will be kept and reviewed by The Six Week nutritionist. These logs are reviewed each week with personalized comments and suggestions for improvements. 

coaching/buddy calls

Individual coaching calls will be held 2x during the course, for 30 minutes each, to discuss personal challenges and opportunities. In addition, a weekly 60 minute group Zoom call will gather the group for a more dynamic level of engagement. Each participant will be buddied up with another participant in the program.  

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Enhanced muscular strength, cardio endurance, physical flexibility, working memory capacity, ability to focus on tasks and performance in reading.

Improved mood, life satisfaction, self-esteem and self-efficacy, mindfulness.

Reduced stress and clutter.

“Results indicate that multifaceted interventions that are effectively designed and sufficiently motivating can elicit large and diverse improvements that reveal the substantial adult capacity for cognitive, affective and neural plasticity” Pushing the Limits, Frontiers
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