The Six Week Seeker Introduction

So what’s this whole Six Week Seeker blog about?

I’m glad you asked.  Let’s back up a few months in the life of Susie…

To be clear, I have a great life.  I currently have a good job, working with fantastic people, in a stress-free environment, making enough to be able to (barely) afford to live in this awesome city.  I’m a happy person (post coffee) that embraces and loves life, and I have a network of friends and family that is hands down the absolute best.  I’m extremely grateful everyday for the life that God has given me but in the back of my mind, I have always had that whole nagging “what’s your purpose in life” question that just lingers on without an answer.  I have never been able to find that one passion, that one role, that one thing that can really make a person feel completely fulfilled and purposeful.  And believe me, I have dabbled in several roles along the whole “journey to find myself” adventure: Character in an amusement park (I’m still convinced that I was the best Goldilocks those kids ever saw); High School Guidance Counselor; Funeral Sales (yep); NYC Bartender; Pharmaceutical Sales (in the Bronx); Human Resources; and currently an Executive Assistant at a hedge fund in San Francisco.  

As awesome as some of these jobs were, none have actually made me happier and more fulfilled than the counseling role.  I guess I have always known that I wanted to go back to my roots in counseling, but I have created a long list of reasons why I shouldn’t: not financially lucrative enough, no time to focus on the switch, a lot of work, fear of failure, fear of failure and fear of failure.  So I have finally decided to take that list, metaphorically crumple it up for good, and replace it with a little Obama “Yes, you can” list and move forward.

… And here’s my long-winded version of the why and how.

I had my heart broken (yes, it’s always about a guy) and as I typically do after a sad break-up, I bought an impulse flight to somewhere.  That somewhere spot this time was home to Pittsburgh and NYC for the week. That trip, surrounded by my loved ones, not only healed my broken little heart, sigh, but it gave me six hours on a plane to read the book “You are a Badass.” By the time I was done with that book and plane ride, I had decided I would leave the hedge fund world, my life in San Francisco and everyone I knew behind to travel the world for a year.  I was going to sell all of my possessions and go live in 12 countries over the year based on where my friends and family had selected.  (Side note: Six hours is actually the typical amount of time it takes for me to change the path of my life.  I’ve just learned to embrace my impulsive side … It works.)

And in keeping with true sporadic Susie ways, that around-the-world travel plan has taken many forms, multiple times, before everything finally clicked into a perfect serendipitous lightbulb moment when Brian and I joined forces on The Six Week.  Yes, I will still be taking some amazing around-the-world adventures in 2017.  No, I’m am no longer planning on renouncing all possessions and becoming a complete nomad (…yet).  But I have decided to take this opportunity to travel and connect globally through the mission of The Six Week.  I will be exploring the world on several six week adventures focusing on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness habits of local communities. The goal will be to incorporate as much valuable insight from these different cultures into our program so we can be impacting participants in all areas of the world on global best practices for health and wellness.  Most importantly for me, I will get to go back to my counseling roots, by working one on one with participants as their Six Week Support Coach.  This element has been missing from my life and I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to get to do what I love again, and now, I can do it from fascinating new places throughout the world.

The most rewarding part of this adventure will be setting ourselves up to give back.  That was such a huge part of the reason I initially decided to travel and in keeping with our focus of the “acts of kindness” and “gratitudes” commitments, we decided to push ourselves beyond our original commitment.  Brian had the perfect idea to set up The Six Week Foundation which will provide an outlet for us and others to donate to local charities around the globe to improve their nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.  For each one of my travels, we are going to set up a “Six Week Charity Challenge” for me to really push myself on my own nutrition, exercise and mindfulness goals.  Cue: Great Wall Marathon, hiking Kilimanjaro, week-long silent meditation retreat in India (for those who know me, the silent part will certainly be my biggest challenge) and more ideas to come.  We will be Crowd Raising funds with our amazing network of people who love giving back with us and the gratitude and acts of kindness will no doubt be felt by many.  

I now feel that sense of purpose. I now have that passion that I was missing before.  I feel overwhelmed, excited, scared, optimistic and most of all hopeful for everything this experience can bring to my life and in turn to other’s lives.  If I can wake up each day and in some small way get to help people on their journey to feeling better and healthier about themselves and their lives, then I get to wake up a better person than I was the day before.  

I am beyond excited to get to share all of my Six Week Adventures with you through my blog.  Stay tuned for some epic 2017 journeys … but for now, first stop: San Francisco.

Your Six Week Seeker,

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